Jeffcoat Engineers & Surveyors, LLC



Civil engineering and land surveying services to individuals, governmental and business clients located primarily within the State of Alabama

 Rural land and mortgage (closing) surveys


 Boundary and topographic surveys


 Plats and mapping


 Residential and commercial onsite sewage disposal system design tests, decentralized wastewater system designs


 Community water distribution system design and inspection


 Storm drainage design, ADEM stormwater runoff permits and inspections


 ADEM Mining runoff permits and inspections


 Street and highway design and county road design/surveying projects


 Community development block grant projects


 Engineering structural reports


 Residential and commercial subdivision development


 Flood studies, FEMA elevation certificates, and FEMA No-rise certificates


 Construction staking, administration, and inspection


 Community recreational parks


 Cemetery design and stake out


 Cell phone tower surveys


 Reports, expert courtroom testimony


 Public recreational facilities


 Water and wastewater systems


 Feasibility studies


 Project planning


 Grant applications and administration


 Topographic surveys